My work evolves from the connection between patterns in nature and patterns in human behavior. The most recent cycle of paintings incorporate market data as reflections of these patterns and are based on an in-depth study of crowd behavior. These stem from my earlier works, which are based on the physical movements of crowds.“Cooper alum’s series takes a new meaning”

There is a certain sense of irony in stretching one's resources to make art within a city that functions as a world financial center. My paintings evolve from exploring this relationship. Each painting is based on patterns of the specific crowd/market data and are, in a sense, reflections on nature. This is why my paintings look so much like landscapes. They are constructions of my own navigation, participation, documentation and understanding of these huge psychological tides.

The painting surfaces are smooth, and luminous, with just enough brush work to provide a sense of natural movement. The paintings vary in size, from a few inches to several feet, further accentuating the dramatic shifts of these patterns. These paintings are my way of exploring the roles of risk within an uncertain career, of making my own iconographic sense of things; and of allowing an ambiguous act to develop its own resolve.

Tom Moran

"Even though the artist pays attention to his surroundings, he is not ruled by them, because he remains in the abstract. He will only see geometry, rhythm, and plastic qualities. The real objects, transfigured, will be able to live in that world" -- Joaquin Torres Garcia